Create video walls the easy way with Griddy for FCPX

FxFactory’s Griddy is an excellent way to create video walls and multi-story projects in Final Cut Pro X in a very simple way with a large number of creative possibilities. Griddy is usable in almost every situation where you’d like to have multiple clips playing at the same time in their own frame.

Griddy is a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X that allows you to create several storylines in one clip, each in its own frame. For example, let’s say you have six shots of a bank robbery. One scene shows the criminals preparing themselves for the robbery, the second one depicts the customers inside the bank, the third a closeup of the security guard at the door, the fourth two police officers around the corner, a fifth a homeless man who is about to become the movie’s hero and the sixth a long shot of the bank across the street.

All these things are simultaneous; they’re all part of the same moment. As a director, you decide you want to show all of those at the same time in six frames inside the Timeline frame. That’s one use of Griddy. You start by adding the scenes one below the other to the Timeline, with the most important one that also has the audible interaction preferably on the Timeline itself.

From here, you just disable the five clips beneath the Timeline clip, drag Griddy to that one active clip and set its parameters. Then, when you’ve finished and are happy with the results, you deselect the “Layout” checkbox, enable the underlying clips, paste the effect from the Timeline clip to all of them and move every clip into its own position on the Griddy grid with the “Location” slider.

If you read this, it sounds convoluted, but it is actually very, very easy and user-friendly. The one thing that might be less clear is whether you need to convert your Timeline clip into a compound one. If you’re unsure, just go ahead and do it, otherwise you might run into problems with “gridded” clips spilling outside the grid frames.

The grid elements themselves can be made to look any way you want — colours, number of columns and rows, frame shape, gaps, column/row offset, angle, offset inside, border, background colour, you name it. You can also have them animate in various ways into place and out again. And you can even have an image or clip run inside the frames in any opacity and location, which allows for very creative — or informative — results.

Griddy is not only a lot of fun to use, it’s — in my opinion — also one of the few must-haves for any type of movie, from blockbusters to commercials. Griddy can be purchased from within the FxFactory app or directly from the website.