DxO NIK Collection 3 review

DxO’s newest Nik Collection version 3 works with Affinity Photo, has a newly designed Nik Selective Tool and new quick edit tools. It also offers a non-destructive workflow, which is perfect for Adobe Lightroom Classic users. Last but not least, the suite now has a perspective plugin, Perspective Efex.

The Nik Selective Tool is a dedicated palette that gives users direct access to the suite’s various plugins from Adobe Photoshop. The latest version simplifies the suite and provides faster access to editing features. To optimise workspace in Adobe Photoshop, the palette can be automatically collapsed. The tool is also fully compatible with HiDPI screens and can be used in dual monitor mode.

It has a new “Last Edit” feature that recreates the last applied preset which is especially useful for editing a batch of images or when users want to create a preset after editing a photo. Very useful is the “Quick Edit” option that lets you edit images by applying the last action you used without having to launch the plugin interface.

Adobe Lightroom Classic users can now freely edit their files within the same plugin, using a technology based on the TIFF Multipage file format, which combines the input image, the saved editing parameters and the results, all in the same file. However, many will feel disappointed by not being able to have this functionality using RAW files.

Perspective Efex is a new geometric correction plug-in. It resembles the capabilities found in DxO Photolab but with the typical Nik Collection interface design.

Perspective Efex also offers automatic shape distortion correction. It can even automatically correct fish-eye distortion. In addition, Perspective Efex can also be used creatively to simulate a shallow depth-of-field effect, the so-called miniature effect. Some other editing software already offers this but now it’s available in all the hosts Nik Collection supports.