FxFactory Progress Bars v2

The titles — generators — are static, while the effects are trackable and can be made to float together with the tracked object. The eight effects are duplicates of the eight most used progress items in the Generators section.

The progress bars themselves are beautifully designed and offer many parameters that you can adjust, including the speed of the progress, and on speed dials even the way they progress. For example, if you use the speed dial that resembles the one you’ll find in an Italian car, you can let the needle progress in a way that looks as if there’s an engine driving it — complete with vibration and occasional (slight) fallback behaviour as the engine accelerates.

You can also customise the titles and effects to your taste in the sense that some dials will let you even change the design of the tick marks besides the colours, thickness of the strokes, etc.

What I personally found a bit frustrating, though, was that tuning the progress on any of the generators so that the bar/dial starts at zero and ends at its maximum level in sync with the clip underneath (I tested some of these with an underlying clip) isn’t easy if it works at all. I would also have loved it if you could enter actual values and have the progress bars and dials behave correspondingly, but that’s not possible with this set.

FxFactory does have another effect that supports entering numeric data and have the effect play to the tune of those values. It’s from a different developer, PremiumVFX, and it’s called Simple Infographics.

Progress Bars, on the other hand, is really all about suggesting that progress is being made without referencing to actual progress values, so if suggesting progress is all you need, you can’t go wrong with Progress Bars v2. However, if you want to show your audience what actual figures tell you, Simple Infographics might be a better choice.

That’s the beauty of the FxFactory system: you can choose from a huge collection of titles, generators and effects, and nine out of ten, chances are that you’ll find exactly what you need.