FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

If your video is a movie or a documentary on nature, you’ll probably never need to display titles or information snippets, but if you’re a vlogger or someone who creates video for TV programs — e.g. business presentations, urban reporting, human interest, etc. — it’s often a good idea to show information in textual form and for that we most often we use lower thirds or title plug-ins. Most such titles offer very limited space for text and if they do, they look boring and static. StupidRaisins’ Paragraph Pop takes care of all that.

As the name implies, Paragraph Pop, available on the FxFactory store, is a plug-in — I used it with Final Cut Pro X — that allows you to shows complete paragraphs of text. Now, if you also have Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects on your system, you could create an entire screen of text if need be. But creating something that entices people to read the text takes a lot of time and skill. Paragraph Pop has 15 titles that display paragraphs with an in/out animation, full control over the colour, the effects and even complete components, as well as the ability to show part of your footage in various designs.

The Paragraph Pop titles offer the ability to load a considerable amount of text. With today’s audience having the timespan of a five-year old, it’s your job to ensure you put in just the right amount to grab their attention for as long as it takes to read the message. However, the way the text is presented is also a major factor in this process and it’s here that Paragraph Pop shines.

Not only do the titles look nice in their default state, they can also be adjusted and moved around at will. For example, title 03 offers an organic design with space for the footage at the left and the text at the right. Two thin flowing lines run through your footage. If you think these lines interfere with the footage, you can remove them, but you can also change colour and thickness. The text space has a few moving shapes; you can get rid of those as well or change the opacity, line thickness and colour.

If you want to blur the footage to have the audience focus even more on the text, you can drag a blur effect title below the title and adjust the parameters for the right amount. There’s a colour effect title for that purpose too.

Title 14, for example, offers a beautiful in/out animation with your footage inside a hexagonal shape with the size, border thickness, colours, opacity, position and rotation — all of it — adjustable.

Needless to say, Paragraph Pop lets you also control every aspect of the used fonts. Paragraph Pop allows you to achieve a unique design for the textual information you want your audience to read.

Now, if you add a title with such a deep impact on the footage itself, you’re bound to create abrupt transitions; much more so than when you’re cutting from one clip to the next. So, the developers added ten transitions to make going to or back from a text inset look smoother.

In short, I chose to do a review of Paragraph Pop because it offers considerable benefits for the money. It saves time, looks good, puts you in control of the overall design and look and feel, and adds matching transitions. And all that for $39 on FxFactory.