Plugable adds small, portable, and extremely fast NVMe Thunderbolt 3 drive to its portfolio

Plugable, a developer of USB, Thunderbolt, Bluetooth and power-related devices, islaunching the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe External SSD, a solid state drive that offers creators up to 1 TB or 2TB of storage and speeds of up to 2800 MB/sec read and 1800 MB/sec write, all without the need for an external power connection. The 1TB model will be yours for $299 and the 2TB model for $499, the company says.

The Plugable drive is targeting creators like film producers and videographers who require fast scratch storage and regularly conduct large file transfers of formats like 4K. The new drives come in high enough capacity to give them the space they need for their footage.

Plugable’s drive is a plug-and-play solution for both Macs and Windows computers as it is pre-formatted with exFAT. The formatting allows it to be used interchangeably with Thunderbolt 3 Macs and Windows systems. Videographers can import media directly into Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere or any of their favourite editing applications seamlessly. With a camera or recording device that is Thunderbolt 3 capable, film makers can even offload footage without first having to format the drive.

The Plugable drive is designed for optimal portability, weighing in at 173g and a surface area slightly larger than a smartphone. It has an integrated 18cm long 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 cable. The SSD technology inside is encased in full-body anodised aluminium enclosure, designed to keep the SSD cool while also protecting your data. However, Plugable hasn’t said whether the drive is shock proof and to what extent. It does come with a plush velvet carrying case so that you can go from shoot to shoot without worrying about damage.

A nice — legal — feature is that the Plugable gives a 36-month warranty on the drive. That will, of course, only cover you if you handle the drive with care and all other disclaimers that apply to warranties, but it more or less shows the trust the company puts in the build quality of the new drive.

Plugable made a Youtube movie for those of us who don’t know what you can do with a NVMe drive….