iZotope launches tool for audio post-production, dialogue match

iZotope launched Dialogue Match, a tool to automatically learn and match the sonic character of dialogue recordings. It is also the first product  to combine machine learning algorithms from iZotope with the reverb technology from Exponential Audio’s product line, which iZotope acquired earlier this year.

Re-recording mixers that are responsible for delivering the final sound mix for films and television programs, often need a way to quickly match the dialogue recorded with lavalier, boom mics, and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), in order to create a seamless and cohesive dialogue performance. With Dialogue Match, users can analyse audio to extract a sonic profile, then apply the profile to any other dialogue track for fast and easy environmental consistency in scene recordings, allowing them to complete the tedious process of matching production dialogue to ADR in seconds, rather than hours.

For re-recording mixers and ADR editors, Dialogue Match may prove to be an unprecedented time-saver. They can match tonal characteristics between a boom and a lavalier microphone, localised audio to the original language and save or load global snapshots and reference profiles.

Dialogue Match has an EQ Module that  leverages the EQ matching mechanics of Ozone 9 to quickly learn and match the tonal and spectral characteristics of dialogue. The second pillar onto which it is built, is a Reverb Module that uses new reverb matching technology powered by machine learning, to capture spatial reflections from one recording and accurately apply them to another via Exponential Audio’s clean, realistic reverb engine. And the third pillar is an Ambience Module that analyses the spectral noise profile of a recording, and identifies and recreates room tone for dramatic acceleration of the ADR workflow.

Dialogue Match is now available as a standalone AudioSuite Plugin for $599. iZotope does not currently support its use for any host application other than Pro Tools 11 or later.