FxFactory Ripple Tools Complete 2 review

Ripple Tools Complete for Final Cut Pro X promises to give you a full set of effects, most of them based on the title concept of FCP X of which many are trackable. Many effects that you can buy in one plug-in are either so simple you can create them faster using Final Cut Pro X’s built-in tools or so cheesy it hurts your eyes. I’m happy to say neither is the case with Ripple Tools Complete.

The FxFactory has become the plug-in resource of choice to most serious video creators. Except for this new version of Ripple Tools, FxFactory also carries the stunning Yanobox Nodes and Mosaic plug-ins. The latest Ripple Training addition is perhaps less the full-blown compositing tool Yanobox’s plug-ins are, but it’s at least as appealing and — let’s face it — a lot less complicated to use.

Ripple Tools Complete 2 has no less than 30 title effects and two masking effects that live in the Inspector. Not all of these are equally stunning, of course, but they’re all very useful and some are stunning. Take, for example, Cloner-trackable, which allows you to remove unwanted objects much the way you would do that in a Photoshop image. Only, this plug-in will track the object as well.

The tracking, by the way, is excellent. I don’t think it’s Mocha’s, but it’s really accurate nevertheless. It’s also quite fast, even on my basic 2017 iMac Retina 5K. Another thing is that you get quick tips if you’re stuck, so that’s great too.

Whereas Cloner-trackable is part of the “useful” category, there’s also a whole slew of “improving the looks” effects. One of my favourites in that category is the Repeater effect that is both easy to apply and great to induce the feel of looking at someone who has serious problems with the liquor bottle.

Also included are text effects. Now, usually I am not impressed with text effects. At best I find they are a variation on a theme. That’s also the case with Ripple Tools Complete, but unlike many others I’ve seen, the variations actually make sense. Text Scroll, for example, gives you more control over the scrolling than the free version you can download from FxFactory and certainly than Apple’s own Credits. However, it also adds four drop zones — that you can turn on or off individually — so you can spruce up the title with images or clips. That’s something I have yet to see being added in another plug-in.

Some text effects are trackable as well, adding even more flexibility and creative possibilities.


Once again, FxFactory has a plug-in in its portfolio that offers you a good deal of creative power to enhance an otherwise perhaps underwhelming video.

Ripple Tools Complete costs $59.