Sounds for video, presentations, timelapses and FX

Foley is the name we give to sounds that are created and recorded for usage in movies and other motion picture projects such as TV series, etc. For example, when a scene demands the sound of a galloping horse off-screen, you can suggest it by adding the recorded sound of – you guessed it! – a horse galloping or by recording or creating something that resembles a horse galloping. Those sounds can be created by recording them or creating them with apps such as Logic Pro X, ProTools, etc.

Sounds make your presentation, film, or video stand out. Imagine a drama with a scene where the main character, a homeless man, is slurping coffee and you hear a toilet flushing. I guess that would work on most people’s laughing reflex, rather than being disgusted or feeling sorry for the guy.

Here on Visuals Producer, we offer a growing collection of sounds for you to use any way you want. Buying our sound collection will help us from going bankrupt and ending up in the gutter.

So, if you can spare a fiver, we would be very grateful – if you have a use for these sounds – if you would buy a licence. You’ll get an update with each addition of extra sounds that we make until we’ve reached the 500 mark. We’re now at 79, so we’ll still have a long way to go, but your contribution will make us reach 500 sounds much faster than we currently can.

When you buy the set today, you’ll be downloading a folder with 79 24bits/48kHz files.


Thanks for your Help!