iZotope announces Neutron 3

iZotope today launches Neutron 3, the mix workflow plug-in. Thanks to advances in machine learning, Neutron 3 Advanced is the first-ever plug-in that listens to the entire session, communicating with every track in the mix.

With Neutron 3, you can create a balanced starting point for an initial level mix built around a focus chosen by the mixer with Mix Assistant, saving time and energy for creative mix decisions.

In its press release, iZotope’s Product Manager Dan Gonzalez said: “Neutron 3 moves us closer to a world where technology enables what all our customers love doing; being creative and making music”. Luckily, iZotope does not use an approach whereby machine learning and AI takes over completely, ruling out the human touch and generating results that are average at best, like some other plug-in developers are doing.

Neutron 3, of course, comes with a few new modules that either make your job easier or more creative. Sculptor is a new module (available in Neutron 3 Standard, and Advanced) for sweetening, fixing, and altering sound. Sculptor works like a per-band army of compressors and EQs to shape a track. It also communicates with Track Assistant to understand each instrument and give real-time feedback to help shape tracks to a target EQ curve, or experiment with new sounds.

A redesigned Masking Meter automatically flags masking issues and allows them to be fixed from a convenient one-window display. Neutron 3 is also much snappier, with faster load times and smoother metering. Sessions with multiple Neutrons open much quicker, and refresh rates for visualisations have doubled.

New features

Mix Assistant: choose a focal point for a mix and let Neutron 3 automatically set levels before you ever have to touch a fader.

Sculptor module: Use iZotope spectral shaping to make instrument tracks sound more like themselves or something else entirely.

Improved Masking Meter prevents tracks from stepping on each other and muddying the mix.

Visual Mixer & iZotope Relay: Launch Mix Assistant directly from Visual Mixer and move tracks in a virtual space, tapping into iZotope-enabled inter-plugin communication.

Improved interface with smoother visualisations and a resizable interface that invite you to step in and take control.

Improved Track Assistant listens to your audio and creates a custom preset for you based on what it hears.

Updated Tonal Balance Control to support Neutron 3.

7.1 Surround sound support and zero-latency mode in all 8 modules for professional, lightweight processing for audio post or surround music mixes.

Visual Mixer and iZotope Relay will be included free with all Neutron 3 Advanced demo downloads.

Expect a review of Neutron 3 here soon!