Hedge acquires Postlab, will turn it into a cloud-based service

The people of Hedge, the (mainly video) offloading slash backup app, have acquired Postlab. This will allow them to deliver an efficient and vendor neutral workflow solution very soon.

Postlab allows teams of editors to collaborate on Final Cut Pro X projects with version control, file sharing and commenting. With Postlab, you can keep track on who is working on what, when and why. Libraries can be checked in/out of the system, versions of edits can be saved, and you can store all your FCPX libraries securely in the cloud.

Postlab also allows you to store all your relevant documents along with your libraries. There’s access control with a role-based methodology. Finally, the solution will offer connections to every web service you might use for your project, including Frame.io.

“Postlab fills a void”, says Paul Matthijs, CEO at Hedge: “Since Hedge came to fruition, we’ve been making workflows a lot faster and easier. While backups are a logical starting point, it has never been our intention to just stick to backup software. Postlab is the perfect workflow simplifier that lives right between creating backups and archiving your media when done. The unobtrusiveness of Postlab and its lack of vendor lock-in perfectly align with our vision.”

The new Postlab will be a cloud service for solo users, teams and organisations. An on-premise solution will also be available and the platform will not be limited to Final Cut Pro X. It will support other NLEs, a proxy workflow – and DAWs – as well.