With the iKlip 3 Deluxe you can mount your tablet securely a tripod

IK Multimedia is best known for its mobile audio hardware and applications, but the company also sells sturdy smartphone and tablet stands. Their newest product range is the iKlip 3 range, of which I tried the iKlip 3 Deluxe.

Tablet stands allow musicians to read sheet music, and photographers and videographers to shoot photos and movies on their tablet while it’s mounted on a pole or a tripod. The iKlip 3 Deluxe comes with two mounts and I tested it with an iPad Air 2.

The tablet grabbing arms with rubber gripping are spring-loaded to hold multiple tablet formats ranging from an iPad Mini to an iPad Pro. Even better news is that the system works with or without a cover, provided it’s not too thick. The arms require considerable force to open them, so the tablet won’t fall out. In fact, I tried breaking the iPad free from the claws of the iKlip 3, but it only caved in when I opened the arms – as it’s supposed to work.

The grabbing part has a friction ball at the back. The ball is held by the mount’s cleverly designed socket that firmly grabs the ball once it’s screwed tight. The socket is designed in such a way that it opens up slightly when you unscrew the lock to about halfway. If you unscrew all the way, one part of the socket sits free on the mount. There’s no need to open it that far, but in the event the ball would be hard to fit in the socket, you can unseat it completely.

The pole mount has a clamp to hold tube- or cube-formed poles of up to 30mm, the other one has a 1/4in tripod mount. Once you attach the tablet clamping mechanism to one of the two mounts, the ball and socket joint provides a 360° viewing angle and free rotation between portrait and landscape orientations.

However, to move your tablet, you’ll need to pull the ball socket towards you to set the tablet free from the position it’s in. As with the arms, this requires considerable force. That is reassuring as your tablet won’t start to wiggle or move by itself, but it only precludes moving the tablet without force – something an air-suspension system, for example, could do. That would also cost a lot more than what IK Multimedia is charging for the iKlip 3, though, and the whole system does allow for easy reading, and image and video shooting from a fixed position. And actually, even better: you can hold the tripod mount for handheld video shooting without a problem (but it’s, of course, not a gimbal).

The IK Multimedia iKlip 3 Deluxe costs €60.99.