Memorable moments: what went wrong this week?

The second in the series on what could possibly go wrong starts with something that isn’t directly related to the inner workings of tech products. I’m trying to sell a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large graphics tablet for 300 Euros. It’s a brand new tablet in the original box, of course and I’m selling it on my regional (EU-based) second-hand sales platform. Two persons were interested, neither wanted to pay 300 Euros but insisted on 250, which is too low for me to do with the proceeds what I got to do with them – pay some bills.

Not only did the bidding parties seem frustrated with my refusal to sell them my tablet for less than 300, one of the two became verbally aggressive. People are increasingly intolerant and I wonder if that could be a result of examples like President Trump or the state of the planet and the (very first) signs we’re seeing that our environment is indeed changing in ways nobody can be enthusiastic about – regardless of whether you “believe” in the scientific data and conclusions, or not.

Personally, I’m frustrated by the fact that nobody is interested in buying the Intuos from me for the price I’m asking, but I don’t start shouting or insulting people. I keep my cool and bite my nails. And that is how it should be; without a little basic decency and respect for one another the world is soon going to become one big warzone with small disagreements rapidly evolving into fist fights, knife and firearm attacks.

Apart from this, the week wasn’t too bad. I did some tests of my own with the Deity S-Mic 2 because I literally can’t believe that this cheap microphone is a viable alternative for a German high-quality product that costs about three times as much (Sennheiser MKH-416).

Oh, and yes, there is one thing. It’s a small thing that keeps coming back and I don’t know why: Apple Mail keeps creating these “Recovered Messages” in a folder “On my Mac” with two messages from the beginning of the week. I have deleted those several times, but apparently Mail thinks it should retrieve them over and over again from the IMAP server. A bit of a stupid app, Mail, and slow at times – also for no apparent reason. But it’s free, so who’s complaining?