News: Ulysses updated for Mojave

Apple releases macOS Mojave and iOS 12 and, in a few days, the developers of Ulysses for Mac, iPad and iPhone will publish new versions of their award-winning writing app.

Despite Ulysses already supporting Dark Mode, Ulysses’ developers decided to improve on the experience. Apple introduces a new, system-wide Dark Mode, which triggered Ulysses’ team to rework and fine-tune theirs to fit with the new system requirements. Users will now be able to select Dark or Light Mode according to the system preferences or continue to switch manually between the two from within the app. But Ulysses wouldn’t be Ulysses if there wouldn’t also be a new editor theme made available — D14 — of which the colours are optimised for the new Dark Mode.

A second improvement in the update is the sheet list, which is the column in Ulysses’ interface where users get a grouped overview of their texts (“Sheets” in Ulysses talk), e.g., the chapters of a novel or entries in a diary. With the new version, the sheet list in Ulysses for Mac gains bigger titles and a lighter appearance. That should improve its clarity and legibility, but it also sort of synchronises its design to the iOS version of Ulysses.

The new version of Ulysses for Mac comes with a Share extension – this is my favourite because of the time savings it will allow for – that lets users send links, texts and images from Safari and many other apps directly to Ulysses. A Share extension has been part of Ulysses for iOS for some time, and bringing it to the Mac was on the wish list of many users.

On the iPad and iPhone Ulysses supports the new Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12. Users can now assign voice commands to a number of Ulysses actions. They can, for example, teach Siri to create a new sheet in a group. Siri will learn from the user’s behaviour and make suggestions based on their most used actions.

Furthermore, Ulysses’ actions are available in Apple’s new Shortcuts app, allowing knowledgeable users to integrate them in complex workflows.

The update will be available for iOS on September 17; the macOS version will be available on September 24.