Crumplepop SplitScreen Pro an endless variation of split screens

FxFactory sells Crumplepop’s SplitScreen Pro, a Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro plug-in that enables split screen effects without the headaches. After having installed SplitScreen Pro in my Final Cut Pro X effects collection, it became clear Crumplepop’s split screen generator makes complex effects really simple.

SplitScreen Pro comes with a scrollable Templates box, controls for block and border settings, controls for border width, video scaling, video location and opacity and in/out animations. The way it works is simple: you drag several clips on top of each other and the SplitScreen effect onto each clip but the bottom one. Choose a Template, set the split block you want your clip to appear in from within the Template chooser, set the controls as desired, and you’re done.

Well, not done, perhaps, because by having an individually controllable SplitScreen Pro effect for each clip, you can create quite a complex split effect – if your machine is up to it, that is. My iMac mid-2011 is too old to go beyond three stacked clips of which two have SplitScreen Pro active, but if you have a more up-to-date iMac, you could go up to four or perhaps even five stacked clips. But even without such a powerful machine, I could create something truly unique by changing the block positions and sizes of each clip.

Thanks to the on-screen manipulation controls you can quickly make screens in screens that don’t resemble the templates anymore. While I always fear you will be somewhat limited in your freedom to experiment and create something totally different, something unique when I see the word “Templates”, SplitScreen Pro let me break out of the pre-defined easily.

In addition to dragging the split screen boundaries around as you wish, you can also get rid of the borders on a side-by-side basis. The only thing you can’t do is changing the border width other than globally – probably because that would be ugly, anyway. But even if you’re not very creative, the controls allow you to – for example – mix graphics or animations with your real footage in surprising ways.

In short, the results can be anything you want them to be, from the common to the extraordinary, making SplitScreen Pro one of those must-have plug-ins for anything from movies to commercials. All that from within the comfort of the FxFactory management system and for $49.00.