Lexar media discontinued: what’s with your guarantee?

Micron Technology, Lexar’s parent company, announced that it is discontinuing its Lexar retail removable media storage business. The Lexar portfolio includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives for retail and OEM customers.

Micron is exploring opportunities to sell all or part of the Lexar business. The company said it will continue to provide support to existing customers through the transition period. Customers should contact their Lexar sales representative to discuss specific requirements.

Except for the fact that it’s a real pity Lexar media won’t be what it used to be — even if the company is sold to someone else, who knows what it will do to the quality of the products? — these statements are pretty vague, so I contacted Lexar myself and asked them to clarify.

Marc Musgrove, Head of Global PR Corporate Marketing at Micron Technology, said: “I know there’s been a bit of discussion on warranties, so I wanted to just clarify on this point: Micron will honour the Lexar end-user warranties and continue to provide customer support for Lexar-branded products through both existing online services and its traditional call centres.”

That’s great news, but what if you purchased your Lexar SD-card or media reader through a brick and mortar reseller?

This is what he answered: “Customers can return their defect product to the store within the store return policies, which is usually 30 days (in some countries it’s shorter). After store return policies, customers should work directly with Micron/Lexar support.”

It’s a relief to know that Lexar will support its customers and honour its guarantee, but it will nevertheless be a pain if you need to send back your defect product to Micron just in order to have it replaced under guarantee conditions — even if Micron would reimburse the shipping costs, which it probably won’t.

I for one, am sad to see Lexar disappear. In many cases, I found their products better than the competition’s, often faster and more innovative — as with their HR1 and HR2 professional media reader solution.

What do you think about Lexar, its products and this news? Will you be sorry to see them go?