Ulysses 2.8 adds strong security, negative filtering and more

Sometimes even the most hard-line Mac enthusiast wonders what Apple must be thinking when users are ignored when they ask for a new feature or complain about something that doesn’t work quite well. But when Apple Mac/iOS app editors award an app the App of the Year Award, everyone knows that app must be something worth taking a look at. Ulysses, the app that is available on the macOS and iOS platform, has won these awards multiple times. And version 2.8 has just been announced.

Are we in for a treat? We are. Ulysses 2.8, a free update, gets out tomorrow and we, the users, will have the pleasure of finding ourselves working with a secure  markdown/text editor. We will be able to protect our text library via Touch ID or with a personal password on macOS and iOS.

Touch ID has been available on iPhones since iPhone 5S, on iPads since the iPad Air 2. It is now also available for 2016 MacBook Pro users. Ulysses users who don’t have access to Touch ID or who prefer not to use it can set a password. The idle time, after which Ulysses locks itself and requires Touch ID or a password to unlock, is customisable.

Except for its access protection, Ulysses 2.8 offers more goodies to make our lives as writers more comfortable. Ulysses might be missing a rigid folder structure, offering instead quite a powerful filter system and groups to bundle your related sheets. In the new version, groups and filters will offer more robust document management functionality. It won’t be in the form of folders, but as with all things Ulysses, a much more elegant expansion on the already available power.

In version 2.8 you will have the option of narrowing down library content using negative criteria. You will be able to search for sheets that do not contain a specific word, phrase or keyword. Groups will gain a number of new icons for labelling. The press release didn’t state whether icons will be optionally coloured, which is what I personally am hoping for.

Other improvements include the availability of combined text statistics for groups and filters in Ulysses for iPad and iPhone, better support of x-callback-urls on both macOS and iOS, as well as a number of new x-callback-actions. X-callback is used by certain applications for automating action sequences, among others the iOS app Workflow, which was recently acquired by Apple.

Finally, Ulysses 2.8 adds support for VoiceOver to its Touch Bar controls and brings a number of performance improvements and bug fixes.

The new version is expected to be released on April 5, as a free update for existing customers for both iOS and macOS. Ulysses for Mac is priced at US$ 44.99. Ulysses for iPhone and iPad is a universal app and priced at US$ 24.99.