Ulysses hits version 2.7, supports Touch Bar, Tabs, Evernote and more

Tomorrow, December the seventh, marks another day of joy for Ulysses users everywhere. Our much loved markdown editor will reach version 2.7, bringing many goodies like Touch Bar support, support for macOS Sierra tabs, Evernote import and more.

The Soulmen release the new version of Ulysses, their award-winning writing application for Mac, iPad and iPhone, again adding a plethora of new and improved features. Ulysses users were already among the most pampered software users in the Universe. Tomorrow they once again will enjoy a better user experience. Ulysses 2.7 will support the Touch Bar, Tabs on macOS Sierra systems, Evernote import, images in external folders (hurray!) and reading time goals (WordPress publishers rejoice!).

Of course Ulysses 2.7 also brings many fixes and performance improvements, although I can’t think of many things that go wrong with Ulysses 2.6 and I consider myself to be a heavy user.

Ulysses’s developer company’s co-founder Max Seeleman, said: “Adapting to Apple’s latest technologies is part of our philosophy as developers, and is expected by our users. But we and our customers also set tremendous value on Ulysses being a reliable tool. That’s why we spent the last couple of months cleaning up, improving performance, and fixing bugs. We now have a solid basis for the great new features we plan to add over the next year.”

The Soulmen deservedly received the Apple Design Award for Ulysses in June 2016. The release of Ulysses 2.7 is planned for December 7, 2016. The update will be free for existing customers.

The new features

The Touch Bar is the new touch display above the keyboard of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro. Replacing the function keys, Touch Bar can adapt to what a user is currently doing, and display app-specific, contextual functions. Ulysses 2.7 allows owners of the latest MacBook Pro to assign markup tags directly via Touch Bar while they write.

Users know tabs from their web browser and Finder windows. On macOS Sierra they are now available as a system-wide feature, but developers needed to tap into this new ability. Well, they have made it into Ulysses 2.7. Tabs are a natural fit for Ulysses as the ability to quickly switch between multiple open texts within the same window makes for an even more powerful writing tool.

I and many others have been curious when the next new feature would become available: Ulysses 2.7 offers full support for the TextBundle format (http://textbundle.org) outside its iCloud library. TextBundle combines Markdown text files and referenced images in a single file, and we all have wanted Ulysses to properly support the new format for a long time. This addition allows us to use images when working from Dropbox or other storage providers.

Evernote isn’t my personal favourite because it’s not 100% secure, but many people who write, depend on it. Ulysses 2.7 allows to import ENEX files, Evernote’s proprietary export format. Users can even import ENEX files containing multiple notes —  Ulysses will then create a separate sheet for each imported note.

Writing goals allow Ulysses users to determine the length to achieve when writing a text: a number of characters, words or pages. With Ulysses 2.7, users can now even set a reading time goal. This is going to be relatively useful — relatively because reading time is personal, but it will give you a rough idea anyway.

Apart from the new features outlined above, Ulysses 2.7 brings many improvements, bug fixes and stability enhancements.