basICColor print 5: automated, high-end profiling

In addition to new profiling algorithms, basICColor’s professional profiling software basICColor print now also directly connects to basICColor catch, the measuring software. In addition, it automatically corrects measurement data, lets you load custom illuminants for spectral profiling and delivers new gamut mapping strategies for perceptual rendering intent.

All basICColor products and solutions are being designed and developed in Germany by experienced engineers (photo, printing, electrical), computer scientists and physicists. Where basICColor differs from the competition is that its products are continuously developed and based on practical experience and real life challenges. The company is careful with all its products to meet both ISO (International Standards Organization) and ICC (International Color Consortium) requirements.

The company in 2010 won a Photokina STAR award for its basICColor DISCUS calibration device and in 2012 for CaptureFlow, the first camera software with integrated ICC-profiling.

basICColor’s print 5 is the flagship application for profiling inkjets, digital printing presses and proof printers. basICColor print 5 supports all RGB and CMYK printers. One of the most critical selections in achieving accurate CMYK separations and profile building is black generation. With print 5 users can achieve professional quality results with the intelligent “Auto mode”. They can also opt to manage the details themselves by selecting from an extensive list of profile preferences and parameters.

basICColor print 5 profiling software not only provides accuracy for colour professionals. It also optimises ink reduction. basICColor print 5 supports highly customisable colour separation, with specific options for a diverse range of printing technologies. It also offers a user defined modification to the perceptual rendering intent, so that images convert with highest quality results. The new version is seamlessly integrated into basICColor’s measuring software basICColor catch. The basICColor catch modules allow for quality control and statistical analysis of proofs and prints.

basICColor catch is the foundation of tools for colour measurement, quality control, PSO certification, statistical analysis of QC jobs, ICC profiling, plate setter calibration and profile optimisation. It measures linearisation, profiling and quality assurance targets. You can also measure spectral densities — even from instruments that do not support densities like the i1Pro — dot gain, colorimetric values under user specified light conditions. This modular app lets you import external data and average measurement data based on spectral data and take measurements containing up to 16 spectra with different measure illuminants in one pass.

basICColor catch supports industry standard targets IT8.7, ECI2002, Ugra/FOGRA, ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strip, IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 Color Control trip, Harlequin Linearisation Target, PSO and DNA test forms, Visual Print Reference 10 step wedge, ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, Digital ColorChecker SG, etc.