Overview: Kodak INSITE Creative Workflow

Kodak’s INSITE Creative Workflow is a workflow automation system that targets brand owners and designers. It helps to solve problems such as a designer who is creating packaging that has to be translated into different SKUs, or print jobs that vary by geographical location or targeted content. Other tasks, such as creating, approving, and storing content for jobs with multiple variations can be daunting for brand owners and designers. Even worse, errors in created content can lead to double work, print delays and increased costs for a print production business.

Kodak’s INSITE Creative Workflow is part of PRINERGY, the workflow platform. It’s a solution you can offer to customers and their creative partners that streamlines and better controls creative workflows, maximising efficiency. It has a web-based design that allows for a centralised organisation of creative projects including content creation, revisions and approvals, as well as asset storage.

INSITE Creative Workflow has many benefits. It helps you expand your services to include package design management. It helps build client loyalty by providing a value-add service that streamlines the customer’s role in the process. It provides brand owners state-of-the-art online proofing — the famous Kodak proofing solution — and review management that reduces errors, turnaround times and costs.

INSITE Creative Workflow ensures that you get the right file in the right format, prepared the right way, and have files sent directly to your workflow for automatic, intelligent job processing.

The software is easy to use. It offers an interface that promotes teamwork and improves the efficiency of design development from drafts through prepress. Projects are organised by task, with the project’s administrator defining the tasks and inviting team members. Those team members have access to their own task dashboard with a “My Tasks” indicator, so they quickly understand their responsibilities and the review/approval structure.

The software handles multiple and even overlapping approvals that are common in multi-element projects with corporate branding elements. You can host an INSITE Creative Workflow system yourself and offer it to customers and their creative partners, or use it in-house so your own design staff can offer collaborative design services to customers.

The latest version of Kodak’s INSITE Creative Workflow is Java free, which means there are no security risks to worry about. The newest version of the software also delivers new features, such as a re-designed HTML5-based Smart Review interface and further increased security that comes from removing vulnerabilities that do occur on other web-based platforms.

INSITE Creative Workflow enables print service providers to collaborate with partners and clients on creative projects anywhere in the world. With the addition of the new HTML5-based Smart Review, Kodak enables multi-user collaboration, including the ability to place annotations directly into files and real-time online chats to help with the creative process.

In a white paper published on the company’s site Kodak compared their solution to Acrobat’s collaboration and approval workflow. Then Acrobat 8 Professional’s similar features looked much weaker than INSITE Creative Workflow’s. It seems not much has changed since.


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