EFI Fiery Navigator captures key production metrics

EFI’s flagship product, the EFI Fiery DFE gets a new service to control and manage devices. Fiery Navigator is a service for proactive print operation control and device management. It is suitable for a broad range of users, from small printers to commercial print companies with numerous devices and multiple locations. Fiery Navigator will also serve well large retailers with hundred of locations. It captures key production metrics and enables the propagation of configurations across Fiery Driven devices.

In a move that’s unprecedented for a large printer manufacturer and developer, EFI Fiery Navigator is free for three or fewer Fiery Driven devices. You pay an annual fee for additional devices. Subscriptions are not assigned to a specific device, which make Fiery Navigator a truly inexpensive solution as tracked devices can be changed. Users have access to three years of device history and get one configuration sync package per tracked device.

Fiery Navigator is based on a secure cloud platform. It allows you to quickly and easily monitor multiple production operations from one centralised interface. With a standard web browser you can:

  • Compare device performance and reallocate resources to maximise equipment usage
  • Analyse operator behavior to uncover areas where your staff may need additional training
  • Establish standard operating procedures and monitor whether your operators are following them
  • Evaluate current asset usage for upcoming equipment purchases or renewal planning
  • Identify patterns of consumables usage to forecast volume demands based on historical trends
  • Share an optimal set of Fiery settings across all Fiery Driven devices of the same model
  • Quickly restore a Fiery server to its previous state by using a back-up configuration copy, stored in Fiery Navigator.

What EFI Fiery Navigator offers

Fiery Navigator consists of four modules: a dashboard, a synchronisation module, management module and alert feature. With the Dashboard, you can follow up on production data to improve workload balance, identify production trends, and quickly address operational inefficiencies. The Dashboard also allows you to analyse trends over time.

You can view production data for a single Fiery Driven device or aggregated data for multiple devices. Users can customise the Dashboard by selecting the data they want to display, and how they want to present it. Finally, they can track usage and compare productivity by viewing production statistics they want to see in a table for a side-by-side comparison of individual printers or printer groups.

With the Sync module, you can leverage existing settings and ensure consistent output by sharing common configurations. Fiery Navigator allows you to create configuration sync packages that include colour profiles, presets, virtual printers, and paper catalogues — these can be stored in the cloud. You can also deploy synchronisation packages to same-model devices so you can standardise their configuration and maintain them in optimal condition. A sync package can also serve to restore a single device to its previous state.

The Management module lets you define and create device groups for better production visibility, and easier performance comparison and  analysis. With it, you can inspect the configuration and status of each device, activate and deactivate tracked devices and view installed software applications, connected finishers, calibration status, and more. You can also group devices based on specific criteria such as colour, monochrome, model type, and more.

Finally, the Alert module enables you to respond to events as they happen to prevent production slowdowns. For example, you can set and manage the frequency of email notifications for critical device status alerts, get daily, weekly or monthly reports on key aggregated data points such as a breakdown of jobs printed, total sheets printed, top job submission method, and paper jams by media type, or other metrics.

EFI Fiery Navigator requirements

The Fiery Navigator Client doesn’t run on older computers and operating systems. It needs to be installed on a computer using one of the supported operating systems. Those include Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 and above. Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Server R2 and Windows Server 2012 Server will be added soon.

To access the browser-based Fiery Navigator web application, you must use a supported browser. Internet Explorer 11 and above, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari will do. Fiery Navigator is supported on EFI Fiery System 10 and newer.


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