Kodak PRINERGY Workflow 7.5

Kodak’s suite of print management software for end-to-end automation includes PRINERGY Workflow, INSITE PREPRESS Workflow and INSITE CREATIVE Workflow. The KODAK PRINERGY Platform reduces manual touch points, improves production planning, streamlines collaboration, on-line approvals and asset management, improves job status and tracking, and is compatible with virtually all press equipment and brands.

The latest version, PRINERGY Workflow 7.5, embeds and integrates Preflight+. Kodak chose to integrate its platform with callas pdfToolbox. The Preflight+ version of callas pdfToolbox is a powerful preflighting solution for PDF printing. It complies with all significant industry standards and gives printers the ability to preflight-check and correct files automatically before entering the production workflow. Preflight+’s Layered PDF Versioning is significantly improved, making versioned printing more flexible, reliable and repeatable.

Preflight+ can analyse input files or refined PDF files and fix problems in a single refine task, while generating reports in PDF, XML or text format. It makes preflight profiles available within PRINERGY Workflow to check for specific issues. Alternatively, you can create profiles to validate and create PDF files that conform to current PDF/X and GWG standards.

Except for preflighting, PRINERGY Workflow version 7.5 has better support for versioned printing. It’s more flexible for multiple-language or regionally-priced publications or packages, more reliable and repeatable than before. Layered PDF Versioning (LPV) allows control over multiple layers of the files. Layers in input files can be mapped to layers in the mapping profile, allowing highly complex publication and packaging jobs to be automated.

Finally, PRINERGY Workflow 7.5 enhances centralised control over digital and conventional presses and equipment for efficient, automated production of all job sizes and lengths. It supports a fleet of Kodak and third-party digital presses and CTP devices.

Automating jobs with If-Then scenarios

PRINERGY Workflow optionally supports rule-based automation. This allows you to specify rules that conditionally route a job through the system. PRINERGY’s Rules-Based Automation module runs in the background, and as soon as a specified event occurs, it triggers the specified action. The possibilities are limited only by the number of events your system can ‘see’ and the number of ‘actions’ it can perform.

Rules-Based Automation allows you to create automatic rules for any existing manual event, business process or step in your printing production workflow. As a result, you can organise all stages of print production, enabling your business to run much more effortlessly.


I’ve not seen PRINERGY’s Rules-Based Automation in action yet, but it comes close to Enfocus Switch, which is probably more complicated, but offers more or less the same functionality. Kodak’s implementation of the automation system comes with a large number of presets, so you can start automating almost instantly. Creating automation flows is easy too. The interface is graphical and intuitive, and building blocks include things like sending jobs to a processing facility closest to the address of the customer, so it helps save time and money in ways that extend beyond the printing process by itself.


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