Fighting graffiti without killing the print

Graffiti and other such vandalism has been and continues to be a plague in most cities around the world. Different solutions exist to make the cleaning up of graffiti damaged prints easier without also affecting the print itself. Some solutions seem to be better for the environment and more resistant to aggressive cleaning than others.

Nazdar NFX57 High Gloss Anti-Graffiti Clear UV Screen Ink is designed to be used as an overprint clear to remove graffiti from the surface and to protect the underlying graphics from cleaners. This product is resistant to cleaners and solvents to easily remove graffiti. NFX57 Anti-Graffiti Clear is designed to be used as a coating on top of several inks. However, you should first test for adhesion and printability over inks before use. If it’s properly cured, the product is said to be resistant to one cleaning fluid, with others possibly as well. It can applied to a limited number of substrates, including pressure sensitive vinyl, coated papers, polycarbonate, static cling vinyl and rigid vinyl.

Protac Anti-Graffiti is a 20micron (0.8 mil) high gloss polyester film with an ‘Anti-Graffiti’ coating on the gloss surface. It’s coated on the other side with a high coat weight of pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive. This side is protected by a one side siliconised polyester release liner. Both the film and the adhesive contain UV stabilisers, which protect against both UV degradation and potential mechanical damage.

Protac Anti-Graffiti has been awarded a Class 1 Fire Rating. The high coat weight and strength of the adhesive allows the Protac Anti-Graffiti to be used for laminating over UV inks, as well as Solvent, Eco-Solvent and Latex prints. It is available in various sizes. The potential downside of using an adhesive film to protect against graffiti is the risk of fire, which is why this film has Fire Rating.

Protect against more than graffiti cleaners

EFI Armor Erase UV clear roll coating sticks well to styrene, acrylic, polyester, coated metal, coated cardboard stock and other rigid materials. It offers an exterior life of one year. In commercial display environments it allows you to easily clean graffiti sources, such as aerosol or enamel spray paint. You can clean coated surfaces with acetone, isopropyl alcohol or high-pressure water to remove spray paint or permanent marker. The coating also is ideal for dry-erase applications on rigid-printed graphics and will not leave ghosted images on the surface.

Whether you’re printing on rigid plastic, flexible media or thermoforming materials, you need to protect your print from the sun, weather, wear and tear, even chemicals. EFI Armor protects against those as well. It effectively offers one of the most feature complete post-printing coating formulas available.

EFI Armor is suitable for transit shelters, in train stations, airport terminals and other high-traffic public locations. It is also suitable for dry-erase applications and can be used as a hard coat with excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.

However, EFI Armor needs to be cured properly, just like the Nazdar product. Cure Parameters are 1-200 watt per inch medium pressure mercury vapour lamp with an output of at least 180 mJ at a belt speed of 50-60 feet per minute depending on lamp efficiency and heat emission.


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