Review: Artlandia LivePresets

LivePresets is an Illustrator plug-in that allows you to create editable copies of Illustrator presets, such as pattern swatches and symbols.Artlandia is well-known for its professional pattern-creating plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CS3. With LivePresets it now has Illustrator’s own preset patterns and symbols covered as well. LivePresets allows users to create a live copy of a pattern swatch or symbol and edit the copy with real-time changes to the original if so desired.

The LivePresets plug-in enables you to save changed presets to another name and store these in the pattern swatches or symbols palettes. The plug-in was a joy to work with, very easy to understand and use. LivePresets’ most important functionality is that it keeps brushes, meshes and other complex objects in a non-expanded, editable form.

For edits that require many complex presets already on the art board to re-draw when you’re working on them in LivePresets, you can unlink them until you’re done, then relink to them and see all of them change at once.


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