Benchmark test confirms fastest offload app is Hedge Premium

It turns out the latest version of Dutch developed Hedge for Mac is the fastest video offload application on the market. The company ran some benchmarks and found their new Premium engine — which is not in the free version of the app — is as fast or almost as fast as the Finder. “We ran these benchmarks for our own internal use. We ran them as objective and unbiased as we possibly could,” said Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO at The Sync Factory, the company behind Hedge for Mac. “We certainly added nothing to our tests that would put Hedge for Mac in any sort of a favourable position — far from it,” he added.

offload speed hedge premium

The setup for the offload benchmark tests was a new WD SATA III 6Gbit/s – 600 MB/s USB 3 disk. A MacBook Pro 13” i7 was used as the computer system and with each new transfer of 50,000 1MB files, those 50GB of data was first transferred to the Mac’s internal disk. After each transfer, the destination disk was formatted to ensure each trial was executed with the same parameters.

“Some applications don’t cope well with a lot of files, resulting in theirhedge offload speed vs filesize CPU usage going through the roof. This is why the performance of Offload and Prelude is so much slower with our test files of 1MB,” said Lombert.

The favourable results Hedge for Mac scored in the tests of the developers don’t surprise me at all. When I first reviewed the app a couple of months ago, I already found it to be faster at offloading (bigger) files than Offload, which was sluggish by comparison.

Otherwise, the new version of Hedge for Mac is really a maintenance release. Other than the Premium engine, there are no new features. There are, however, improvements. For example, the app download is half as big as before, while the app itself now only takes up 7.5MB of your disk space. The handling of ARRI Mini footage has been improved as well, and the estimation of time before your offloads finish has been refined and is now more accurate as a result.