Print banners, branded table cloths, T-shirts and more with the EFI Reggiani Top

EFI Reggiani textile presses have been designed for fashion, home textile, automotive as well as outdoor with a product range suitable for small business and complete industrial plants. The printing models that used to be known under the name “ReNOIR” are really a complete platform. This one is now known as EFI Reggiani Top and are still the benchmark for this sector of the industry.

Most EFI Reggiani Top models are flexible enough to offer the choice between disperse direct, reactive, acid, disperse sublimation and pigment ink printing technologies that allow direct printing on fabric. The actual technology supported by a printer depends on where it is in the range.

Every EFI Reggiani Top model integrates a continuous ink supply system with ink recovery and degassing, ensuring an optimal performance and yield. The inks used are specifically designed for direct printing on fabric and include highly sought after fluorescent inks.

The EFI Reggiani Top is at the top of the EFI Reggiani range. It is a 180cm-240cm-340cm wide textile printer with a production speed of up to 1200sqm/h – 1400sqm/h – 1600sqm/h. It can have up to 32 printing heads and works with inks with a drop size of four to 4pL to 72pL. Its maximum resolution is a whopping 2400dpi. The press can handle fabric weight from 30 to 450gr/sqm.

The EFI Reggiani Top comes standard with a small roll winder/unwinder for diameters of up to 400mm. It has a folding mechanism as well. Optionally, you can buy a large roll unwinder for diameters of up to 1600mm. An optional segmented roller is available too.

The EFI Reggiani Top is suitable for applications such as fashion, home textile, automotive and outdoor.

It uses the following ink technologies: disperse direct, reactive, acid, disperse sublimation, textile pigment.

The press prints on cotton, cotton with linen, polyester, polyester with elastane, cotton with linen, polyamide with elastane, polyester polyamide, wool, silk, viscose.


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