EFI Matan Quantum LXr, the bigger, faster one

The EFI Matan Quantum series of printing presses allow you to expand your portfolio to premium close-up view indoor applications. These printers feature 7pL drops, LED UV curing and an impressive array of optional accessories.

The EFI Matan Quantum LXr use proven Matan Core and LED curing technology. Due to the 7pL drop size, printers who use the Matan Quantum range are capable of delivering high-definition image quality at resolutions of up to 1200dpi — which is photographic quality — with smooth transitions, vignettes, skin tones, and shadows. The inkjet presses come with seven colours and white as an option.

The Quantum LXr has advanced multi-roll capabilities, an optional inline finishing system for all-in-one printing, slitting, and collecting, and versatile media handling capabilities to support a variety of flexible and rigid media.

The printers are equipped with a single-operator loading system and a unique roll loader that allows for up to 300% better media use, according to EFI. The company claims there’s only 40cm of wasted material on every roll loading.

The EFI Matan Quantum range also has ink-saving modes, a carriage height adjustment and optional wrinkle analyser, a media saving wizard for better media stock management and a mobile operator station with touch screen for maximum convenience. The Quantum LXr is equipped with a Media Saving Wizard for revolutionary media stock management.

Matan Core technology

The 5-point Matan Core is not really a technology. It’s more like a mission statement or a philosophy that lives behind each and every EFI Matan press. According to the five points of this philosophy, every printer has to offer:

  • best performance
  • best versatility
  • best cost of ownership
  • best usability
  • best environmentally-friendly solution

Otherwise the Matan name doesn’t go on it.

Printing technology

The EFI Matan range of printing presses support piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology, have print heads with inherent 7pL drop size delivering up to 1200dpi true resolution with C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, LK and optionally white.

The EFI Matan Quantum range handles a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates: up to 350cm max printing width, roll-to-roll, free-fall, and multi-roll (2 rolls of 1.6m), with optional Vacuum Plate for thin sheets and rigid media up to 11mm thick. There’s also an optional Jumbo-roll handling system enables working with large media rolls up to 750kg for continuous, unattended work.

With an EFI Matan Quantum LXr you can print 210m2 per hour with dedicated Quantum LED inks. The RIP for these printers can be the Fiery XF, but also Caldera, or any other compatible system available in the market.


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