Soft signage has many benefits compared to traditional signage printing

Why would EFI Reggiani have made a “spin-off” from their own textile presses specifically for signage? The answer lies in the many advantages of soft signage, the next big thing in printing to be seen.

The EFI VUTEk FabriVU can be had in 1.8-meter and 3.4-meter wide aqueous-based models. Both offer dramatic four-colour printing with a wide colour gamut and deep colour saturation, an ultra-high resolution of up to 2,400 dpi — as good as an Epson or HP photo printer! — and four level grayscale printing with 4pL to 18pL drop sizes. The FabriVU is ideal for the production of flags, banners, backlit displays, and other high-end display graphics.

But why should you print to textile, while vinyl, artboard and other more rigid materials have served you so well over the years? There are a couple of benefits that you can’s replicate without printing on textile. For starters, textile or soft signage presses like the FabriVU are very eco-friendly, running water-based inks with little to no odour and low power consumption. Secondly, your customers will save on shipping, since their pieces are much lighter-weight than other materials used in the signage and graphics industry. And finally, fabric-printed signs fold up to create smaller packages, again decreasing shipping costs.

FabriVU presses are capable of printing direct to textile or transfer paper with the ability to changeover from one to the other. They come with an auto print head cleaning station to increase printer uptime, a capping station to keep your system up and running, a patented ink recirculation system for improved ink yield and a wrinkle detect system to protect against costly repairs due to head strikes.

The EFI VUTEk FabriVU 180 has the following characteristics:

  • Prints up to 70 in (180 cm) wide
  • Fabric weight from 45 to 450 gr/m2
  • Paper weight from 28 to 140 gr/m2
  • Entry and exit: standard roll unwinder/rewinder up to 17.5 in (450 mm) outside diameter
  • Dryer: heated platen
  • Production speeds (max.) up to 4,000 ft2 (372 m2) per hour
  • Production image quality: 2,000 ft2 (186 m2) per hour
  • POP image quality: 1,000 ft2 (93 m2) per hour

It can handle all popular desktop file formats, including PostScript3, EPS, TIFF, PDF, RGB/CMYK and comes with EFI Fiery proServer.

The Fiery ProServe enables a colour management workflow and is a RIP optimised for VUTEk printers. It has advanced, colour tools for CMYK profile creation and quality control, comes with an EFI ES-2000 spectrophotometer, has nesting, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, tiling, and cut marks production tools and more.

The EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340 soft signage printer can print up to 133 in (340 cm) wide fabric at production speeds (max.) up to 5,000 ft2 (464 m2) per hour and at production image quality of up to 2,500 ft2 (232 m2) per hour. POP image quality speed is 1,250 ft2 (116 m2) per hour


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