Agfa:Apogee and Fiery integrate to unify production environment

Many firms use digital presses to cost-effectively meet the increasing demand for short runs, fast turnaround and value-added services, but there’s still a market for offset and long runs. However, few digital presses integrate into offset workflows efficiently or profitably. These hybrid workflows are therefore difficult to manage for efficiency and profitability. However, for a short while now, EFI and Agfa are delivering one of the most advanced hybrid print workflows available in the commercial market. It allows you to take advantage of the strengths of traditional offset and Fiery Driven digital presses.

Take for example Canon colour imagePRESS digital presses. These integrate with Agfa:Apogee, enabling you to drive both digital and offset presses from one hybrid workflow. The integration eliminates the duplication of prepress work, yields greater efficiency, faster turnaround times and easier job management across presses.

With a hybrid workflow, you can output to a digital or offset press using the same file. This unifies a production environment allowing control over all jobs from one centralised hub. For example, you receive a job for 15000 brochures in total, but 500 are needed today. With a hybrid workflow you can print the 500 rush copies on your imagePRESS digital press and the remaining 14500 on your offset press. For a tighter integration, using a Raster PDF workflow, colour management is handled in Agfa:Apogee Prepress.

In the case of Canon, you can submit jobs to your imagePRESS digital press using Agfa:Apogee Prepress and Digital Print Link. JDF and JMF foster bi-directional communication enabling Agfa:Apogee and the digital press to “talk” to each other regarding output instructions and job status, decreasing manual intervention.

The Device Capability File describing the configuration of your digital press is imported into Agfa:Apogee Prepress, allowing it to understand and use the specific features of the connected press. For further integration, media information from the imagePRESS Server Paper Catalog is communicated automatically and dynamically via the Fiery JDF Connector to Agfa:Apogee Prepress, enabling you to select media from within the Agfa:Apogee interface and include in the JDF job ticket.

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