Ulysses 2.5

Ulysses 2.5 will be released on March the 8th. For iOS, Ulysses will come as a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. The app is priced at US$24.99, but will be offered at an introductory price of US$19.99 for a limited time. For owners of the predecessor — Ulysses for iPad — the new version comes as a free update.

The philosophy behind Ulysses 2.5 is that writers should be able to write and access their texts anytime and anywhere, without spending a thought on their setup. This core concept of Ulysses now becomes reality with the release of the iPhone app. Ulysses is equipped with a unified text library that syncs via iCloud allowing authors to switch seamlessly between their devices at any time.

The developers published a trailer on Vimeo to highlight this particular point.

On top of the comprehensive synchronisation, Ulysses for iPhone has a wide range of features and possibilities. Technically, writers can do with Ulysses on iPhone everything they can do on iPad, which in turn involves almost the complete feature set of the Mac app.

Ulysses being available for iPhone is the most important news, but the new version also brings improvements for iPad users. Ulysses has been optimised for iPad Pro and now offers support for Split View and Slide Over (on iPad Air 2 as well — hurray!!!), the new multitasking features Apple introduced with iOS 9. On supported devices, Ulysses can thus be used simultaneously with or in addition to a second app. As an example, this makes note taking while searching the internet much easier.

The new version also integrates a Share Extension, allowing users to send content from third party apps — like texts, photos or links — directly to Ulysses (another hip, hip hurray!!!). Spotlight search on iOS is now also supported, making Ulysses’ sheets and groups accessible from the the list of results. What’s more, the direct publishing of story drafts to the Medium platform — to date limited to Ulysses for Mac — is now fully available on mobile devices.

DOCX import becomes available on all platforms with Ulysses 2.5. Writers have been able to create formatted Word documents with Ulysses for a while, and the latest version covers the opposite direction: Now users can import text created with Word into their Ulysses library, so that important text elements such as headings, emphasis and footnotes remain intact.

Another new feature is the individual sorting of groups — manually, by alphabet or by creation/modification date. This used to be a global setting applied to the entire library and is now available on a per-group basis. Individual sorting accounts to the fact that different text genres require different means of organisation. As an example, it is self-evident to manually arrange the chapters of a novel, but for diary entries a sorting by date may be more reasonable.

Heavy users will enjoy the improvements Ulysses 2.5 brings to Mac. The app is running more stable, while speed and reliability of iCloud synchronisation have also seen strong improvements.

The apps will be sold exclusively on the App Store and the Mac App Store, respectively. Ulysses will be a universal app for iPad and iPhone and is priced at US$24.99. For a limited time, it will be offered at an introductory price of US$19.99. Ulysses for Mac is priced at US$44.99.