The Ten Commandments for Excellence in Copywriting

  1. Copywriters must keep content brief but comprehensive.
  2. A copywriter must be able to adapt his/her style to the medium he/she is writing for, in order to optimise the overall impact of the content.
  3. A dictionary and a thesaurus are a copywriter’s best friends. He must also know his way around resources covering the product he is writing about.
  4. A copywriter must know at least as much about the product he’s writing about as his client — and even more.
  5. Copywriters focus on benefits, not product features. They see benefits where others only see technical details.
  6. A copywriter finds interesting descriptions for everyday topics, from the product itself to its usage.
  7. Copywriters are masters of beautiful language, but they keep it simple so that everybody understands what they’re saying.
  8. Good copywriters will write towards the product’s audience and use their language.
  9. Copywriters must not deliver drafts with spelling and/or grammar errors. If they cannot write well enough, they should hire an editor.
  10. Copywriters must integrate their working processes with the workflow of the designers of the media they’re writing for.

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