EFI and Ricoh make Walk-Up printing more efficient and user-friendly

My old copywriting client Ricoh and EFI have partnered to provide colleges and universities, libraries, retail print shops and other organisations state-of-the art, efficient and user-friendly walk-up printing services. Ten years ago, Ricoh was already offering walk-up services, but at the time those weren’t as user-friendly or secure as today’s offering.

With EFI’s self-serve copy and print technology, walk-up users can produce documents using anything from PDF and Word files, to images and PowerPoint presentations. The technology accepts files from USB drives, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and email, as well as from cloud-based services like EFI PrintMe, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Users can securely pay for their prints with credit, cash and campus cards, and providers have the assurance that their self-serve printing technology was one of the first applications to be validated under version 3.0 of the Payment Application Data Security Standard.

EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, a cloud-based Web application, lets administrators easily set up M500 stations in minutes and manage multiple stations anywhere, anytime with just a Web browser. Administrators can configure devices, add services without changing hardware and set or adjust prices and tax rates. They can also generate detailed sales and usage reports, monitor real-time device status, and update device software online.


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