Hahnel Captur: working with the InfraRed module

With Hahnel’s Captur Module Pro comes a IR transmission module for free. The IR module has two settings: High and Low. I noticed that, when I set the switch to High nothing would happen with my usual setup — the Module Pro and the IR component about 75cm apart. Setting the switch to Low works just fine, so it wasn’ the IR module that was broken. I did some research and this is what I came up with.

Actually, I asked Paddy McCarthy from Hahnel Industries as I couldn’t find it out myself. Mr. McCarthy is a technical guru over at Hahnel and he knows the Captur and related equipment inside out. It turns out that the IR module’s Low and High settings do work as you would have guessed from their labels. However, the changeover point for High to Low depends on the ambient light.

Captur Module Pro

That made me ask if there was a guideline, and so there is. Mr. McCarthy said that as a guideline for distances below 1.5m, the Low setting is best. For distances beyond 1.5m the High setting is best. He added there will be some distances where it will work on Low and High.

So, there you have it. If your IR module from the Module Pro seems not to work, check your setting and distance. If it’s up to 1.5m, then set it to Low. Anything beyond that should work fine with the High setting.


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