Unique collaboration between EFI VUTEk users for AutoRAI

Two of Holland’s largest printers combined their know-how to deliver 500 large-format projects with absolute consistency for the largest auto event in the Netherlands, the AutoRAI.

Exhibiting 49 makes and 90 “firsts” among 500 different cars, AutoRAI required 14,000 square metres of printed matter to support the largest auto show in the Netherlands. In a unique collaboration, competitive large-format printing companies M2 Printing and Exposize combined their expertise to deliver head-turning, yet visually consistent show displays.

With a total of 500 large-format projects to adorn walkways, stand partitions, storage areas and pillars, event organiser Kubik approached M2 Printing to handle this major undertaking. Given the size of the project, the time pressure involved and M2 Printing’s knowledge and experience in such large projects, the large-format printing company collaborated with Exposize.

According to Sander Muller, managing director of M2 Printing: “With a major project such as this there’s always a lot more to consider than just printing, such as files not being delivered on time or files being changed at the last minute, giving rise to huge time pressure, and then there’s the logistical planning and project management. This is why we sought out the best solution for the client. Together with Exposize, we presented the plan and then won the order.”

M2 Printing handled all of the project management and communication with Kubik. “This is project management at the highest level,” said Muller. “The activities and coordination are actually more work than the printing itself. You have to think how you’re going to organise it, right down to the finest detail.”

“Because Exposize and M2 Printing work with the same brand of printers and inks, a high and consistent quality was guaranteed,” said Exposize managing director Eric Verkerk. “The VUTEk printers and staff in Enkhuizen and Eindhoven have been working overtime in the last few months, and the result is certainly impressive.”

Kubik’s concept for the show was realised. Along with superb colour, AutoRAI exhibited greater harmony in the look and feel of the show.


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