EFI proves LED is ready for fast printer production systems

The new VUTEk LED/UV Pin & Cure imaging press is a 3.2 m high-speed roll-to-roll printer that targets the replacement of older solvent printers for the high-volume production of vehicle wraps, bus sides, banners, posters and more. It has six colours plus white ink with multi-layer print capability for the production of perfect day/night backlit graphics. The HSr press features EFI 3M SuperFlex HSr Ink and backs graphics with the 3M MCS Warranty.

EFI’s other offerings displayed at Fespa include end-to-end workflow automation, 7-picoliter grayscale UltraDrop Technology for near-photographic imaging, new SuperRange Ink and energy-efficient, “cool cure” LED imaging at full production speeds, and VUTEk GO, an innovative monitoring application for the high-end VUTEk HS Pro series.

EFI’s also shows off the 3.2-meter, hybrid EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro press, a high-volume printer that uses a combination LED/UV Pin & Cure imaging process to provide exceptional quality and high productivity. The press also features automated material loading and unloading systems, along with a material edge guide system for printing corrugated board and other challenging substrates at press-rated speeds.

At Fespa, EFI is demonstrating VUTEk GO, a remote monitoring application for the VUTEk HS Pro series that allows customers to:

  • Monitor print queue in real time (what job is printing, how long left in the print run, what job is next)
  • Monitor real time status of ink levels, lamp settings and lamp life
  • Review history of printer status and print queue within last 24 hours
  • Receive push notifications on printer alerts or errors

One of the few printer vendors to have understood the implications of the RoHS 2 Directive well, EFI also brings the advantages of LED technology to label and narrow web printing. The Jetrion 4950lx printer represents a new level of digital label production systems—with improved image quality, finer text, higher speeds and advanced LED technology.

It gives label producers a competitive edge with the ability to print on heat-sensitive and specialty substrates. At Fespa, EFI will show a wide range of labels that are possible with this newest Jetrion model, giving digital and screen printers the means to seek new opportunities and target new markets.

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