Three-layer white ink printing for stunning effects

Many large (wide format or super-wide format) inkjet printers today include white ink as an additional colour enabling a new range of applications. However, many printers enable white ink as a pre- or post-colour only. EFI VUTEk printers have a unique ink architecture that enables printing up to three independent image layers including white ink in a single pass.

Below is a brief podcast presentation discussing this capability. At the bottom of this note you’ll also find two images. These are shots of the same print — one of the print in daylight, and one with light shining through from the back.

Shape white printing as a pre- or post-coat gives colours extra “pop” while allowing metallic or mirrored substrates to show through with striking looks as a result. Shape white on a top, middle or bottom layer is a truly unique feature of EFI VUTEk printers. It’s this sort of print capabilities that allow printers like JMC SignMakers to keep growing at a higher pace than average printing companies.