An overview of the EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Inkjet Printer

With most entry-level wide or superwide format inkjet printers you get a stripped down version of a larger sibling. That’s what is meant with “entry level”, but I for one was surprised to find the EFI H1625 not being stripped down at all.

Except for its size, this wide format LED inkjet printer comes equipped with features that you’d only expect to find in larger models.

The EFI H1625 LED is a hybrid (roll and sheetfed) UV LED curing inkjet printer commercialised under the EFI brand. It is an entry-level model wide format inkjet that is excellent for printers and service bureaus who want to start tapping into the growing market of large format printing. The EFI H1625 is inexpensive and has a small footprint, but after having spent a day with it in a showroom full of far bigger inkjet printers like the EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro and EFI VUTEk GS5500LXr Pro, I can only say I was impressed by its capabilities, performance and output quality.

Download the complete PDF report here.

You can also view a video I created of the day I spent at EFI to evaluate this printer.