Report: CatDV video production DAM analysed

How you manage your digital assets in large part determines how much money and time you lose over finding the right image, audio or video clip for a job. That’s the reason why DAM (Digital Asset Management) systems were developed in the first place. However, not all DAM systems are created equal. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of DAM: systems that are designed mainly to find, use and archive assets, and systems that also optimise the production process. CatDV belongs to the second kind.

Square Box’s CatDV is a British DAM solution optimised for video production and post-production. I tested the Enterprise Server solution, which has four components: the CatDV Server, the Web Client, the CatDV Worker Node and in my case the CatDV Pegasus Client. Except for its magnificent splash screen, the Pegasus Client supports Avid workflows and industry-strength archival features. Square Box also offers ‘lighter’ versions of the CatDV system, including a Workgroup Server and clients that are suited for small workgroups and individuals.


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