Crumplepop Fisheye Fixer now also fixes GoPro Superview

Crumplepop introduces Fisheye Fixer v2.0. Fisheye Fixer v2.0 is an Final Cut Pro X plugin that repairs the fisheye lens distortion in GoPro HERO3+ footage. The upgrade makes it to work with GoPro’s new Superview mode, as well as with all other modes on GoPro cameras.

Crumplepop has upgraded Fisheye Fixer so that it now also works with GoPro’s new Superview mode, as well as the Wide, Medium and Narrow modes on all GoPro cameras. The upgrade is free if you own Fisheye Fixer already. You can find the link to upgrade here:

Those who are new to Fisheye Fixer, can use a coupon that will get them $10 off (good for 1 week from the article date!): FISH10V2

You can use the coupon here:

Fisheye Fixer v2 also comes with a bonus utility… Fisheye Maker! Fisheye Maker lets you easily transform your footage into the fisheye look, with a simple drag and drop.


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