Rhino Camera Gear announces the Rhino Shoulder Rig

Rhino Camera Gear announced its Rhino Rig is launching on Kickstarter next month. The Rhino Shoulder Rig will place itself in the mid-end of the market, targeting dSLRs, RED cameras, and even ARRIs. In terms of usage scenarios, the Rhino Shoulder Rig will appeal to documentary film makers as much as to YouTube and Vimeo video creators.

Just as the Movi, a stabilised gimbal system, redefined its market, the Rhino Shoulder Rig is set to redefine the market of camera rigs. The Rhino Shoulder Rig is the first completely modular, fully-adjustable, camera-specific shoulder rig that will be sold at an affordable price (as I understand it, not above the 1,000 Euros mark for the complete rig).

Rhino Shoulder Rig with dSLR

It is compatible with any Canon, Nikon, and Sony, and Panasonic DSLR’s, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC), Canon C100, C300, C500, and Sony FS100, FS700. The Rhino Rig Cage will come with height-specific cage bars for RED and Black Magic cameras. It will feature carbon fibre 15mm rails, a cage, and a custom fitting Rhino Rest, and it features a 15-degree cant that conforms to the slope of your shoulder.

The base plate comes with “Rhino Skin” reinforcement material and has ARRI standard rosettes throughout. Two 1/4-20 and two 3/8-16 threads for mounting to any quick release plate or tripod system are included.

The Rhino Rest shoulder rest is made up of interlocking shoulder links. Each side will feature three 1/4-20 attachments, male on one side, female on the other. The Rhino Rest will be fitted out with TPR (thermoplastic rubber) link pads.

The Rhino Rig Cage has a positionable top grip and cheese-plate with multiple 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting options. Its unique cheese-plate channel allows RED and Black Magic users to bolt cameras from top and bottom.


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