QR-plate: Custom SLR M-Plate Pro

Different camera and tripods straps sometimes require different quick release plates. The most common plates are the Arca-Swiss style plates and those that fit on Manfrotto tripods. Usually, a QR-plate stands in the way of a strap interface that connects to your camera’s tripod thread. One plate should avoid that problem: Custom SLR’s M-Plate Pro.

Custom SLR manufactures its materials in the US — this guarantees a high quality of build and finish. Custom SLR makes an excellent camera strap for wearing your camera diagonally across your chest. The product is well-designed. However, until recently, mounting the camera on a tripod was impossible without removing the C-Loop, Custom SLR’s connector. The M-Plate Pro has been designed to fix this.

The Custom SLR M-Plate Pro is a universal plate, meaning it was designed to fit on all tripod heads. It connects to your camera’s tripod thread and offers an Arca-Swiss type plate with a range of pre-drilled threads to attach other materials and devices. The plate has an “arm” to which you can attach Custom SLR’s strap connector, the C-Loop.

My first impression of the M-plate Pro was that it was a brilliant solution, but on closer inspection there are a couple of problems with the M-Plate Pro. First of all, if you have a large lens, when you attach the M-Plate Pro directly to the bottom of the camera, the lens barrel protruding even slightly makes the M-Plate Pro’s C-Loop “arm” block the zoom ring. It can’t be fixed, not even by attaching the plate as far to the left as possible.

The screw groove should give about five millimetres more leeway. If that were the case, and lens barrel’s zoom ring would sit free.

A second problem is that the plate won’t mount on any tripod head. For example, it wouldn’t mount on my two Novoflex heads. Custom SLR has a short list of the tripod heads to which it will not mount.