Quick Release plate: Spider Holster Arca-Swiss Clamp

The most common quick release plates are the Arca-Swiss style plates and those that fit on Manfrotto tripods. Usually, a QR-plate stands in the way of a strap interface that connects to your camera’s tripod thread. Spider Holster’s SpiderPro Arca-Swiss Clamp is a new plate that connects the SpiderPro camera support system to any Arca-Swiss plate.

Spider Holster manufactures its materials in the US — guaranteeing a high quality of build and finish. The company has an innovative and amazingly comfortable hip-holster carrying system, the SpiderPro (review here).

I find myself grabbing the SpiderPro more often than I take any other camera support system with me. The reason is that SpiderPro does not get in the way at all, while even a comfortable across-the-chest strap hinders me when I want to quickly shoot something when I’m wearing a thick, warm coat.

Spider Holster Arca-Swiss Clamp vs. Custom SLR M-Plate Pro

With the SpiderPro, mounting the camera on a tripod could be done but you would have your plate sitting on top of the SpiderPro plate.

Except for the fact that you can always attach a QR plate to a SpiderPro plate, Spider Holster now accommodates every photographer’s preferred way of working. They’ll let you keep whatever existing Arca-Swiss style release plate you may have attached to your camera. The Arca-Swiss Clamp acts the same as a tripod clamp. It has a robust fastening system such as the Really Right Stuff B2-Pro.

Twisting the pressure screw open allows the Spider Arca-Swiss Clamp’s sliding jaws to release, so you can take it off and mount your camera with only your regular Arca-Swiss type release plate onto your tripod. It’s an extremely effective system. I carried my 3.5 kilos heavy gear with me for the better part of last week hanging from the SpiderPro Arca-Swiss Clamp and regularly checked for the screw to loosen or the plate to rotate and work its way out of the camera’s thread.

The Spider Holster Arca-Swiss Clamp didn’t budge, nor did my Arca-Swiss type release plate.

An added advantage of the Spider Holster system is that it doesn’t sit in the way of any lens — the release plate that sits between the lens and the Clamp allows for a comfortable distance from even the fattest lens barrel. The Arca-Swiss Clamp has three thread holes itself and comes with two permanently fastened anti-twist SpiderPro pins.

Spider Holster does warn you that if you use a generic Arca-Swiss type release plate, you must regularly check for the plate working itself loose because of swivel and rotate activity

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