Review: Punchline by SugarFx Final Cut Pro X effects bundle

Final Cut Pro X users are being bombarded with new effect plug-ins almost every week or so it seems. Many of these effects are OK and while none are really bad, there are some that are in a league of their own. SugarFx Punchline — a FxFactory effect — is nice but not exceptional.

FxFactory effects can be powerful and exceptional. PHYX Keyer is an example, and so are Crumplepop SplitScreen and Yanobox Nodes. SugarFx Punchline is nice; it’s a transition and title effects bundle, but it’s not exceptionally powerful. Most of the transitions are a bit like TransiMatic’s but you have less control over how transitions deploy and look, while the title effects are great — they even have some depth in them — but not greater than Apple’s included ones.

IT Enquirer rating


  • transitions and titles bundled
  • ease-of-use
  • horizontal grid transition effect
  • little control over looks
  • lacks sex appeal
Price (approx.): €37.00

Punchline offers 11 different titles and 21 transitions. In their press release, SugarFx claims the transitions and titles are entirely customisable. I interpreted that as having control over timing, rotation, element scale, line scale, colours, etc. In reality, the controls for most of the transition effects are limited to the colour of the elements. The thickness of the divider lines, their colour… it’s all hard-coded into the effect plug-in.

There’s only one grid type that offers more control: the horizontal grid. This type enables you to move markers around for the 4 grid elements or squares so that different areas of your clips (or different clips entirely) are visible inside each element. To make this happen, you just have to drag some special markers to their correct places, right in the timeline. This is a really powerful effect, but it’s only one type of effect and two grids in all that you get with this sort of power.

Titles are better in that you can change fonts, colours, and enter your own text — as with any title. But again, the thickness or colour of divider lines for one cannot be changed.

For 37 Euros, you’ll end up with one type of especially powerful effect, and that by itself may justify paying for SugarFx Punchline. Whether it does or not is entirely up to you.

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