Review: TransiMatic for Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X comes with a large bunch of transitions. We have reviewed a large number of transitions by Crumplepop, and now via Crumplepop SquidFX has released a new set of nice transitions for your footage: TransiMatic. This Final Cut Pro X plug-in does sliding doors and other such moving contraptions, and every one of them has a bunch of controls to get the exact look you want.

TransiMatic isn’t suitable for every project. In my opinion and taste, it shines when used with titles and other static clips that transition to clips with motion. If you use the transitions from motion clip to motion clip, the effect is sort of chaotic. If you use it to go from a title or still to a real video shot, it can seriously liven up your footage.

The transitions by themselves behave in standard ways — their default settings are OK, but a bit dull — but the many controls ensure complete control over what the end-result will look like.

There are ten transition types to choose from — all of them are somehow related to doors or sections. Each type has seventeen parameters you can set, which is quite enough to make up for an endless number of combinations. The motion can be gentle, but if you want to get an effect that looks like the door — the new clip — bounces back a couple of times before settling in, that’s possible too.

All transition types use one or two clips, and all can be set to “hinge” on a vertical, a horizontal, or a custom set axis. When you go for the custom axis, you’ll get on-screen controls as well as those in the Inspector. The axis itself can also be moved to different locations.

All of this power is great, but there’s a catch: it’s very easy to get it all wrong and that is because TransiMatic moves your transitions in 3D space. When you get it right, the screen will be nicely filled with the effect. When you get it wrong, there will be black or transparent areas visible. But even for those occasions where you intentionally left some space under the transitioning clips visible, TransiMatic has a Background control.

Finally, the edges of a door, flip, or section, can be flat or 3D. If you choose 3D the nicest effects are those that use an underlying clip as the 3D edge, but you can have that edge filled with colour too.

I have created two ultra-short movies that show the effect with a title transitioning to a clip, and one that transitions one clip to another.

TransiMatic with title clip

TransiMatic with two clips with motion

I find TransiMatic an extremely lovely effect for transitions that involve clips with not too much motion, as the motion tends to take away people’s attention from the transition itself.

TransiMatic is definitely a transition you want to have. It costs approx. €57.00.


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