SilverFast 8: how to change a colour?

With SilverFast 8 scanning software, it is easy to change one specific range of colours in an image. You use the Selective Colour Correction tool. I used this tool to change a book cover’s main colour in less than 10 seconds. Scanning doesn’t always need to be centered around photos or negatives. It can also be used for more creative purposes.

Original scan

SilverFast 8 not just has a nice new interface. It also works flawlessly on Mac OS X Lion, and it allows you to instantly change an image’s colours. This is how it’s done:

  1. Create a prescan
  2. Make sure the select handles are close to the image borders
  3. Click the Selective Colour Correction tool to make it appear in the toolbar
  4. Hover with your mouse on an area with the colour you want to change
  5. Click on that area — the Selective Colour Correction tool instantly changes colour to reflect your selection
  6. Start dragging the colours on the wheel to add or subtract colours to/from the one you want to change.

By doing so with a book cover, for example, you can very easily and quickly change the cover or make it cycle through various colour hues. This would allow a designer to see how an existing cover looks when colours are changed. Even before scanning the photo, you can quickly create multiple versions of an image using this technique. This saves time later in Photoshop, for example.

Changed colour

Of course you can also use this to create digital art. For example, try scanning a transparently coloured sheet of wrinkled plastic or tracing paper of any colour, then change the colour to your liking — in such a case you could also start with the Global Colour Correction tool — until you’re happy. From that sheet of plastic or paper you can very easily and without effort create wallpaper for a PC or a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad. The possibilities are endless.

Short screencast of how this works.


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