Review: Joby Gorillapod Micro 800 tripod

Joby, the makers of well-know Gorillapod flexible tripods, have a new tripod that is not flexible. It is not like any other tripod either. We tested the Gorillapod Micro 800, a small, stylish camera stand that takes on 800 grams of equipment.

Microphone on Micro 800.

The Gorillapod Micro 800 is the heaviest of two Micro tripods or stands for cameras and camcorders. It’s an innovative, stylish and small tripod with a tiny ball head. The ball head has a 1/4″ screw and rotates freely over 36 degrees. The legs are made of zinc alloy and can be folded for keeping a compact camera just that: compact.

While the Gorillapod Micro 800 folds away and can be kept mounted on a camera because the legs are neatly tucked away underneath, the real meat in this little camera stand is its versatility.

The Gorillapod Micro 800 doesn’t just accommodate compact cameras, but also system cameras like Sony’s NEX models — all up to 800 grams. Meanwhile, I also tested it with a Handycam, which the Micro 800 had absolutely no problems with, and even with a Ninja weighing in at 1100 grams (NOT recommended to try that at home!).

With legs folded...

The Gorillapod Micro 800 took it all with elegance and without breaking a leg. I also found a use for the Gorillapod Micro 800 even Joby hasn’t thought about: I used it successfully as a small tripod for a sE Electronics studio microphone that I use when podcasting. Extremely handy, especially when you want to stow away the mic — the Micro 800 folds away and doesn’t take up extra space so it can stay mounted indefinitely.

Much recommended for more than just 800 grams heavy cameras! The Gorillapod Micro 800 costs €29.95.

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