Review: Crumplepop effects Lumineux, Noire Moderne, Paul Irmiter Dacar for Final Cut Pro X

Crumplepop’s lens effects Lumineux, Noire Moderne and Dacar for Final Cut Pro X are among the best and most useful I’ve ever seen. They can’t give your footage an eery look or make it look like it’s been damaged, but they allow you to create subtle atmospheres that bolster up your story.

The Crumplepop Paul Irmiter Dacar effects is 2.5GB of analogue lens flares from a 1953 Dacar lens. Noir Moderne is a plug-in for dark, dramatic lighting effects, and Lumineux a set of light leaks and transitions. Except for Noire Moderne, they are all video clips that you place above your footage in Final Cut Pro X.

Noire Moderne combines irregular pulses, strobes, and optically captured vignettes and venetian patterns. Noir Moderne effects are dropped onto the timeline. This allows you to create dramatic lighting effects that can be applied to many types of footage. Noir Moderne contains 19 effects, 3 transitions, and 1 royalty-free title font you can use even in commercial projects.

The Lumineux and Dacar effects are clips blender in with your footage

Noire Moderne is listed as effect in the Effects browser and you apply it to the active clip in the timeline. When you apply one of the effects, by default the footage is 100% desaturated. A colour well in the effects tab enables you to select which colour will dominate for the B&W conversion. A saturation slider allows you to add colour back in. The result is an ‘animation’ — e.g. a subtle ‘broken TV’ effect — combined with a colour effect. It’s comparable to Digieffects’ Damage or Delirium, although these are far bolder.

With Lumineux, you can quickly add light leaks to footage. The method to add them is the same with the Dacar effects. The “effects” are in fact a whole bunch of clips with the light leaks or Dacar lens effects. Each clip has its own mask so the underlying footage can show through. Now all you need to do, is position the clip right above where you want the effect to affect the footage below, set the Blend mode to “Add” or anything else for that matter, and optionally decrease the opacity.

The result can be as dramatic or subtle as you wish. Literally in seconds I was able to convert a dull car ride clip into a colourful event, using one of the Dacar effects at full opacity. Additionally, you can use the Lumineux clips as transition effects, using the same method, or as a crossover between two clips in the timeline.

The simplicity was stunning, the effects were quite beautiful, and the price Crumplepop charges is by no means exaggerated (around &€70.00 per set of effects).

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