Plantronics Voyager Pro does not win on elegance but on sound

Plantronics has released better looking headsets than the Voyager Pro in the past --especially the range of smaller Bluetooth headsets included some really nice designs. Unfortunately, when it's small, I tend to lose the little buggers because I don't feel them. That's a compliment from an ergonomic point of view, but it's no less a pain. That won't happen any time soon with the rather bulky Voyager Pro, which excels in the one domain that really matters: sound quality, also when there's wind --I've never experienced more clear sound from a headset.The Voyager Pro looks like “old design”, with a bulky battery compartment that sits behind your ear and a fat boom microphone that is visible from a mile’s distance. Its design is in stark contrast with, for example, Zivio Boom. But its sound is as well.

You can wear the Voyager Pro on your left or right ear by simply pivoting the microphone stem out from the battery compartment and rotating it along its horizontal axis. The battery compartment itself is soft and extends into a curved flexible tube that goes around your ear, and which allows people with different ear sizes to use the Voyager Pro comfortably. The earpiece is not of the “in-ear” type, but rather covers your ear canal. Plantronics provides several silicone attachments and two foam covers to make for a perfect fit.
The microphone sounded very clear according to people I called—I asked them how I sounded and I sounded better than speaking with my bare cell phone.

Just as clear were my correspondents’ voices, clear and almost as if they were sitting next to me. Not too much rumble, nor too much pitch. The Voyager Pro has “multipoint” support, which means you can pair the headset with two devices. I tested this feature with my Power Mac and with an Ericsson cell phone, and I could effortlessly switch between these two devices.

However, you can only use one device at a time. To activate the headset when you receive a call, or deactivate it when you end a call, you simply press the centre of the boom (over the earpiece).

A nice touch that scared the hell out of me the first time it happened (I never read manuals—should start doing that…) is that when the battery runs low, a (female) voice lets you know.

All in all, I found this headset to perform superior to any other I have tested so far. It doesn’t have the looks of some other Plantronics and competing brands, but its sound quality under all circumstances and user friendliness are unparalleled.


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