Test of ExpanDrive 2.0.3

ExpanDrive allows you to create and mount remotely any SSH, SFTP or FTP server onto your desktop, including Linux shares, Unix shares, or OS X shares, and use them as if they were local disks. The functionality is not new; Interarchy allows you to do the same, but it doesn't elegantly mount the drive on the Mac OS X desktop without the application running all the time.ExpanDrive uses MacFuse to extend Mac OS X’s disk mounting capabilities. Luckily enough, MacFuse doesn’t seem to cause any troubles. It will only run when you use ExpanDrive and it is stable; my Mac never got into trouble running it.

When you mount an FTP disk using ExpanDrive, you’re not going to be blown off your socks with the performance. An FTP client such as Transmit has a faster feel to it, but in reality this is exactly but a feeling. The disks that I mounted were connected to a server some 15,000 miles away. Copying files to my local system went smooth enough (downloading is faster than uploading where I live), copying files in the opposite direction was a lot slower.
However, the most important use for ExpanDrive in my opinion, will be to have remote files such as CSS style sheets and HTML code locally available for applications such as CSSEdit, Dreamweaver and Coda, and for these usages, ExpanDrive works like a charm.

The mounting of SSH drives went just as smooth as regular FTP and even Bonjour drives and volumes. The MacFuse extension can be turned off in the Mac OS X System Preferences for those people who think that it may interfere with other processes on their system, although MacFuse only runs when it is called for—when ExpanDrive runs—as one can see in Activity Monitor.


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