Popchar 4.2 adds reverse search

Ergonis Software constantly and almost continuously updates its flagship utility Popchar. We are now at Popchar 4.2 and while I refrained from writing up each of Popchar's update, the newest version has a nifty new feature that makes it even more a must-have for editors and anyone who uses typography in his/her job.I reviewed Popchar X in 2007, and it’s still an incredibly useful utility. In fact, it has only become more useful with every update it has received in the meantime.

The new feature is reverse search—reverse lookup would have been a better name to call it in my opinion—where you can simply select a context menu item called “Mark fonts containing xyz” and see the font list in Popchar be populated with a mark for every font containing that glyph or character.
This is very useful to say the least, and a feature that I for one have been waiting for, for a long time. For example, if you want to add a capital (Greek) delta symbol to your document, and you are editing in Gill Sans, you’ll quickly see that it is not supported in that font. In the past, you would have to check all other fonts to see if they have the symbol, before deciding on a font change in the document.

With Popchar X 4.2 you simply select “Mark fonts containing “Delta symbol”” from the contextual menu when hovering the symbol itself, and you’ll immediately see which fonts have that symbol as well, saving time and effort.


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